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You are likely all too aware of the amount of damage the Northwest elements have on home exteriors. At 20/20 Exteriors, we are never surprised at how the environment impacts a home because we have to see it all. After years of this sort of exposure, it’s not uncommon for poor quality siding to look worn down or faded. Not only are the aesthetics impacts, but the damage can also result in damage done to the product which will need frequent and costly repairs.

By installing a high-quality siding, either a vinyl or metal product, you will protect your home for decades rather than years. In fact, many of our products have a lifetime warranty. Proper installation is more cost-effective than frequent repairs of an inferior product. What’s more, you’ll have fewer homeowner headaches using a superior product leaving you more time to enjoy your home rather than repairing it.

Spokane Vinyl Siding

Our product lineup features the best siding options in Spokane, WA. We have various styles and colors to choose from, all in an effort to improve the look and longevity of your home. Our vinyl siding will never require repainting or caulking which eliminates costly repairs and improves environmental standards.

Spokane Steel Siding

Some local areas also fair well with our steel siding products. These products can often be confusing to new homeowners who might not know the benefits of steel siding so we always encourage homeowners to work with our Spokane steel siding experts. Steel is a superior product that holds up well in the greater Spokane elements like hailstorms, falling trees, broken branches, and wind-blown debris. Steel siding is also fire-resistant and comes with different levels of warranties.

Benefits of Home Siding

  • Increases home aesthetics and value
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Wide range of siding materials and colors to choose from
  • Long term money savings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free Estimate


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Increases Home Aesthetics and Value

One of the more significant reasons to invest in quality siding in Spokane is to increase the value of your home and update the way it looks. Siding products are a cost-effective way to make your home look more valuable and will increase the value of your home.

This feature might be important to those who are looking to sell their home in the coming years which will result in a buyer’s perceived value. In fact, this investment might have a stronger argument than redoing a kitchen or bath given your neighborhoods and location.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding is a protective feature for your home that just happens to also make it look better. When insulated, this product is also an incredible way to add energy efficiency for both heating a cooling. In the Summer the walls will absorb less heat and in the Winter, the siding will prevent unwanted heat loss. Both of these seasonal features will have an impact on your heating and air bills.  


Wide Range of Siding Materials and Colors to Choose From

 We offer a wide variety of colors and materials for our siding installation clients. We focus mainly on vinyl siding and steel siding.

Long Term Money Savings

Properly installed siding is capable of saving the homeowner a lot of money in the long run. If you invested in a vinyl siding for example, you can expect to enjoy many years of service without having to worry about maintenance. Resistant as it is to the elements, vinyl siding won’t require to be replaced quickly.

Painting the walls of a home costs a lot. When you consider that you’ll be required to paint your home regularly (probably once in 7 years) you can see the savings you’ll make in installing residential siding. Vinyl siding, for instance, does not need to be painted and the savings will be very substantial amount after a decade or two.

Vinyl siding Spokane

Vinyl Siding Installation on Home in Spokane, WA

steel siding Spokane

Grey Steel Siding with new Vinyl windows