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Residential Siding Installation Spokane, WA

We provide high quality vinyl and steel siding throughout the Spokane area. Our highly trained, professional staff make sure your home siding installation and window installation are done properly. Many of our products also offer a lifetime warranty. Call us today for a free estimate on your next home siding installation project.

The siding of your home receives quite a beating from the elements and the evidence of this could be manifested in a home that is less aesthetically appealing after a few years. Curb appeal aside, exposure to harsh elements such as scorching sun, snow and ice could wreck the outsides of your home and necessitate frequent and costly repair costs.

Fortunately, you can change all that by installing siding to your home. When done professionally, residential siding installation brings a host of benefits. Moreover, the cost of professional installation is just a fraction of the repair and maintenance expenses you would incur otherwise over time.

Vinyl Siding Contractors

If your looking for a vinyl siding contractor in Spokane, Washington, look no further. We use only top quality materials and have a large selection of colors to choose from. Vinyl siding will never require painting or caulking which is great for your budget and the environment.

We Also Install Steel Siding

Steel siding is also a popular option for our Spokane area projects. Our contractors can help you choose the proper product for your home. Steel is extremely durable and can hold up to even the most extreme of elements like hailstorms, falling tree branches, wind-blown debris and more. Steel is also a more fire resistant than vinyl or wood siding would be. Be sure to ask about our warranty on steel siding installation.

Benefits of Home Siding

  • Increases home aesthetics and value
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Wide range of siding materials and colors to choose from
  • Long term money savings
  • Lifetime warranty


Increases home aesthetics and value

One of the greatest reasons that make homeowners install siding is the desire to increase the physical appeal of the property. While many people do this to simply make their homes look better, others are motivated by the desire to increase the value of their properties. What such homeowners know is that siding installation costs little but is a very effective way of making the property appealing to potential buyers. When you compare the cost of siding installation with a home improvement project such as a kitchen remodeling, you appreciate that the latter could be prohibitive yet evidence of the work you’ve done will only be known by people who venture indoors. Improvements through siding installation are clearly evident to anybody who comes close to your property and this could attract potential buyers.

Increased energy efficiency

Residential siding plays a great role in increasing the energy efficiency of a home. Siding, especially when insulated, acts to provide protection to your walls. This protection means that the walls absorb less heat during summer and also prevents the loss of indoor heat during the cold months. In the end you could pay less in home heating and cooling costs.

Wide range of siding materials and colors to choose from

We offer a wide variety of colors and materials for our siding installation clients. We focus mainly on vinyl siding and steel siding.

Long term money savings

Properly installed siding is capable of saving the homeowner a lot of money in the long run. If you invested in a vinyl siding for example, you can expect to enjoy many years of service without having to worry about maintenance. Resistant as it is to the elements, vinyl siding won’t require to be replaced quickly. Painting the walls of a home costs a lot. When you consider that you’ll be required to paint your home regularly (probably once in 7 years) you can see the savings you’ll make in installing residential siding. Vinyl siding, for instance, does not need to be painted and the savings will be very substantial amount after a decade or two.
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Vinyl Siding Installation on Home in Spokane, WA

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