Replacing your windows offers a wide range of advantages to homeowners.  It also has many options that can feel overwhelming. It can be difficult when trying to decide what types of materials to use when making large changes to your home. Below are the main reasons we specialize in new vinyl window installation.

  1. Your home will look better. The visual aesthetics of your home can be drastically changed with new vinyl windows. Every day you will reap the benefits when you pull up to your home.  If you happen to be selling your home, it can also make a great first impression to potential buyers.  Conversely, old or rotted windows can be a huge turnoff to someone looking at purchasing your home, even if the rest of the home is in great shape.
  2. Convenience.  Vinyl windows are not only extremely easy to open, close and lock. Many of the window models also have an open-in feature. This allows you to  tilt the window inside your home for easy cleaning of both sides of the glass.
  3. home with vinyl windowsNoise Reduction. If you live in a noisy area, near an airport or major highway, new window installation will do a great job in reducing the level of sound that gets through into the house.  Enjoy your home without unwanted interference from the outside world.
  4. Save Energy.  Energy efficiency in your home leads to lower electricity bills.  Newer standard window insulating features are far superior to older, single-pane glass windows. The lack of large air leaks in your home  can save you substantial amounts of both heating and cooling costs every year.
  5. No need to paint.  Ongoing maintenance of normal windows can require repeated yearly painting.  Vinyl windows hold up to the elements and almost never need any sort of painting for the life of the exterior trim.
  6. Clearer view to the outside.  While older windows can become easily scratched, chipped and foggy, new windows offer you a crystal clear view to the world outside.
  7. Protection from the sun.  Did you know that most replacement windows come with glass that blocks a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This can help protect art, furniture and carpet from premature fading.
  8. Environmentally friendly.  Vinyl windows have a lower environmental impact than both wood and aluminum windows.  They also reduce energy usage in your home, which also impacts your home’s environmental footprint. They can also be recycled.
  9. Abundant options.  Replacement windows come with a variety of options of colors and sizes.
  10. Affordability.  There are many options on the market for windows, but vinyl offers a great mix of both affordability and quality.

There are many benefits to having your old  windows replaced with vinyl windows. It is also important that you choose the right window replacement company.  Give us a call to get a free estimate on new windows for your home.

20/20 Exteriors has expert installers and decades of experience.  You home is in good, reliable hands with us.